Friday, October 19, 2007

New Car

Yay, I got me today a lovely new car. It is a four wheel drive and yellow in color but I will repaint it to include rainbows and flowers and butterflies :-) It is quite roomy inside with a little trunk to carry stuff like camping equipment, groceries and whatnot.

This car rides very smooth and accelerates fast also it takes corners very well with its active suspension and anti lock bakes. I already got for it a holder for my laptop so I can drive and quickly look at a road map displayed there and stuff like that.

I then added there a hands free cellphone and a CB radio and satellite radio too. And for the passengers I installed there video and computer interfaces. Ya, and I am enjoying the new car smell of it too :-)

Next I am taking it for a spin and drive it to the ocean beach. Good times roll :-)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I got world travel ticket

Yay, I have bought me today a world air travel ticket for only $3,500 which allows me to fly anywhere around the planet. I got also already several stay places booked, the Hawaii, Bora Bora, Sydney, Maldives and Grand Bahama. I might change it later, it doesn't matter, I am so rich now, oooh la la. I feel great :-) Ya, the feeling is great, it is like a freedom ticket. And Woo-hoo, when in Hawaii, I got already a house to buy that I have eyed. It's only 5 million dollars - very affordable for that particular area :-) lol

I am getting my passport done this week and off I am ready to fly. I just get some new clothing, but not much, I'll be buying local cool clothes wherever I get too :-) And I'll get me a laptop, something small but powerful, for all my computing needs on the go :-) Ya, life is great

Sunday, October 29, 2006

In forest by a stream

Driving my cool jeep in a delicious forest. Parked it, got out and stretched. Mmm, lovely spoot. The trees look lovely, the air feels delicious, the birds and foliage in the breeze sound beautiful. I got my nice colorful tent out. Fun setting it up and getting in and out of it, it will be nice dreaming there.

Then I went to a nearby stream, splashed some water on my face, mm nice and fresh :-) Lots of pretty pebbles in there and the sound of the water running feels great too. As it is very nice and warm around I went on walking in the stream, ya nice feel. Some spots big enough to sweam around, mm nice :-)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Surfing Pleasure

Today it has been a day of great fun at the beach. Since I have started living the good live :-) of rich and not so famous - my tan has much improved and I can now stay out in the sun all I feel like :-)

Staying now at the north shore of Oahu I've been enjoying some real fabulous surfing. Oooh la la :-) I have been playing with both the short boarding, long boarding, boogie boarding and body surfing. I just love playing in those delightful waves, that's why I'm doing quite a lot of it, it just makes sense :-)

Ya, the experience is soo good that it is just indescribable. The beautiful turcoise hues, the white foam, the whole waves motion, the feeling of the tropical water on my skin...mmm, beautiful palm trees, hot air, cool breezes, life's great! :-) Being a rich beach bum is a job I'm handling with comfort and delight. That is why I am having all my money abundantly coming to me for free, so that I can spend all my time doing just what pleases me the most :-) What feels most fun, happy, exciting, joyful, fulfilling, fantastic and thrilling - ya, that's my life! :-)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Trading Bliss

Yay, I got my online trading down pat. Whenever I want to make some money I just place a quick trade or two and the money shows in my account as if I got my very own bank of infinite assets or as if I got a licence to prit money :-)

Yay, life is good. Now it is so easy and so simple that I wonder how could have I ever considered it otherwise. With my good fortune running high I can now even just buy a lotto ticket and most of the time I win with it a lot of money. I am feeling so lucky, so charmed, so blessed with everything.

Yes, the Universe is indeed infinite, its resources to satisfy everyone in every way are boudless :-) Hurrah! :-)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Flying on flower petals

I am out of body, some call it lucid dreaming, but I know my consciousness is basically independent of my physical form and so I am fully, deliciously awake and sitting on this giant, beautiful flower petal. Or perhaps it is me that is tiny at this moment but the flower petal I am on is as big to me as a living room carpet, it feels silky to touch and looks beautiful.

Aaah, I am flying on it, wheeee. And I am approaching a gorgeous rose, big as a house :-) Mmm, it smells wonderful and I am also feeling the consciousness of it and it feels most wonderful indeed. So peaceful and serene yet so exciting and invigorating all at once. Wow, what an awesome adventure.

Now I am flying, dodging giant as trees grasses and then land right by a lily of the valley flower. Ah, beautiful, the white bells like flowers look gorgeous. And...yes as I am listening the flowers do emit a sort of an enchanted melody. Mmm, what an experience. The flowers communicate with these melodies in a most delightful feeling fashion :-)

Wow, I am blissed beyond description. What next? I sit back on my magic petal-carpet and off I go again. Rising up and accelerating in an invigorating feeling rush of very alive feeling air and then stop in the air right by a wowzerly lovely looking iris flower. My, it is growing right by a tall as a mountain to me now, tree. And this flower-experience-being is emitting a curious feeling, resonating with me, vibration that makes my whole being pulse with pleasure. Totally awesome!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I won a BMW car after dreaming it up at nitght

I dreamt last nite that I got a nice little cool BMW car :-) It was sporty with shiny metalic paint and standard transmission. I liked the feel during the dream, when I was switching its greats.

Then as the day went I held onto the enjoyable feel of it and then, on impulse, I bought a break open lotto ticket - and guess what - I won a car! And then I found that it was the same car I was dreaming of now at night! Wow :-) Ever cool, a little creative feeling and bingo, I got a car! It feels great :-)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I Won Lotto Jackpot!

Wooooooow!!! Totally Amazing! I did it! Yes, yes, yes! :-) :-) :-) LOL

So, so, so, so happy :-) Mmmm, life's sooo good. I feel sooo great, I feel soo fantastic all over. What a rush. What an amazing feeling! :-) I feel soo good!

I mean like, you know - I looked at the numbers on my lotto ticket, I looked at the screen displaying the winning numbers, I looked again and again - and all the numbers match! It is real, it is happening, oh wow! :-) I am millionaire :-)

I then called and verified and yes - I got the one! :-) Ah, the good life is mine! :-) Joyous and prosperous future ahead of me. I will be doing anything I like. I will be freely traveling, I will be doing all I like when I feel like it. I will be blissing around. I will be living the life of my most wonderful dreams come true :-)

Yay, I'm in it. I got the jackpot. I got the keys. I got the passport. I'm soooo excited. I feel most wonderful now :-)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Flying UFO

I just come from a totally far out amazing trip! :-) I got aboard a real to goodness UFO spacecraft and flew around the galaxy.

I got there on board sort of by invitation from another aspect self of mine that is living a concurrent life as a part of that species on another planet in adjacent galaxy. I actually met him first during one of my out of body trips and then today he picked me up in the spaceship all physically :-) These particular 'aliens' look just like us humans but there is indeed all kind of looks and civilisation-styles around the galaxies.

So they let me pilot the vehicle too simply by activating my knowing about it. The thing is they don't bother learning things, they just tap into their Universal knowing whenever they want to know something. I found that real cool. The flying was a blast. It is hard to describe how I did it because during the time that I was accessing the flying knowing (with their help) it was like using all sorts of mental controls/energies that otherwise I am not even familiar with during this lifetime and so have no vocabulary for such. But overall the flying is done with the mind, sort of a direct mind-to-spaceship interface. The semi-nonphysical interface actually taps right into the atomic consciousnesses forming the space craft.

Saying that I was flying through some sort of hyper space is easy enough but the process actually involves an instantaneous co-formation of parallel universes, indeed tapping into the conscious knowing of the universes. I would compare it to the way neural signals fly between synapses of a physical body. There's actually far more to it then today's scientists suspect.

I will say more about it all later cuz I will be flying again and I have been promised a flight to their home planet. Fun, fun, fun :-)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I got the time!

Yes, I got all the time in the world. Whenever I want to experience something or go engage in anything I just go and do it for as long as I want it. Yes, it feels great - my rent, food and travel are always all paid for and I just bask in the liberty of devoting my time to whatever I love doing at the moment. It feels wonderful :-)

Experiencing that time freedom is sure delicious but I am getting even more. I find myself able to slow down and speed up time as well. Its quite fun, I can even go to sleep and wake up before I went to sleep.

But wait, there's more - when I feel like experiencing an all together different time period - I just consciously go out of body and experience it. Ancient Egypt, future civilisation on Mars, Atlanta, you name it, everything is to me very practically, everyday use type of thing possible now. I just lie down close my eyes and zoom - off I go viscerally, joyously experiencing anything I please in my freshly minted body :-)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Suddently I am congratulated

Yeppie! Guess what - I was shopping in the supermarket, am about to leave the store and suddenly all these people rushing towards me :-) Cameras, lights, flowers, people congratulating me - I'm like WHAT? :-) Well, I'm like a 100 million't customer there or something :-)

And that's like a big publicity event for them so I was awarded with free shopping in the store for 20 years, with a $100,000 value. Wow, awesome! Isn't this amazing? I mean what are the chances of just that happening? But it did to me and nothing happens by accident, meaning I've created it. I feel great! :-) Yay-0!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hiking A Stream

Yay, I'm now hiking up a mountainous stream in the tropics. I just sat on a sun drenched warm feeling rock and testing my new gadget: direct voice to text to blog post interface over a waterproof satellite connection. Coooool stuff :-)

My, it feels wonderful here. I love the feeling of the water passing around my legs, the sound of the water merrily flowing around the rocks, the songs of the birds, the delicious scents and looks of the jungle and most of all the actual visceral, immediate experience of my physical body moving through all that just for the joy of it.

Ya, life is good, and it sure feels wonderful when I feel as great as I do now :-) It's time for some lunch now. Mmmm, those mangoes on the tree nearby look mouth watering. And I got few sandwiches with me too.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Beach Time

Hi Everyone! :-)

Sitting here now at this gorgeous tropical beach. Mmm, it feels soo good. The ocean waves look just amazing. I used to think that all those lovely turkoise hues of the waves are photo edited-in on the tropical pictures, but now seeing it with my own eyes I know that these most lovely tropical waves do indeed have these wonderful colors :-) And the breeze feels so refreshing.

Well, just looking at this wonderful display of nature's beauty is fabulous but getting into the water and playing in the waves - that's fun time! Ya :-)

I parked my cool yellow Jeep nearby and brought with me a pretty surf board, snorkeling gear, sandwiches, water, beach blanket and towel. Oh ya, I got my laptop with satellite internet with me too, just typing it in after playing in the water. Oh fun it is here! :-)